On-Site SEO Deep-Dive

My on-site SEO and content structure guide for search traffic

Learn every on-site SEO step I take to generate nearly 1 million monthly FREE SEARCH visitors to my niche sites

I love on-site SEO because it works when done right and it's something I can control.

Over the years I've tested and experimented with many on-site SEO variables constantly striving to get the most out of my content and my sites.

These days I'm pulling in nearly million monthly visitors from SEO alone. This is free traffic.

Here are organic search results screenshots for 3 of my niche sites:

I DO NOT BUILD LINKS. While I attract links (by the hundreds and thousands), I don't build them. My rankings and organic traffic are the result of solid on-site practices which includes terrific content.

Speaking of content, a big chunk of this course reveals how I publish content that attracts search traffic (as in Google likes to rank it).

In other words, this course isn't just the technical on-site set-up (it includes this in detail) but I go one step further and reveal my content strategies.

In fact, as my content modules grew and grew it occurred to me they could be a course on their own, but as far as I'm concerned, content strategy and on-site SEO are one and the same.

You might as well learn on-site SEO from someone who actually gets plenty of search traffic.

I'm not talking about Fat Stacks traffic. I'm talking about in-the-trenches with real niche sites traffic just like you.

It's not rocket science, but if you're new to blogging, this course serves as an easy-step-by-step on-site SEO blueprint.

If you're already a successful blogger or niche site publisher, you'll still learn nuggets of helpful information for your own on-site SEO. If you don't, just ask for a refund. I have a no-questions asked refund policy.


I'm constantly testing many things on my niche sites. For a couple of years I've kept notes of key changes and experiments in real time. Now I offer this as a bonus module as part of my courses including this one. You'll see exactly what I'm doing and testing when I do it.


Finally, this course includes access to the popular and active Fat Stacks Forum (500+ members with hundreds of info-dense threads). I'm active on the forum daily... it also serves a great support channel if you have questions about this course (or anything else pertaining to building up content sites).


Your Instructor

Jon Dykstra
Jon Dykstra

I've been publishing profitable niche sites full time for several years. My blogs and niche sites attract over 1 million monthly visitors.

My ultimate aim with any niche site is to get them to passively earn income by growing them and training a small team to take them over.

I have insights into many facets of this business because of my fleet of websites in different niches.

I actually do this this stuff for a living.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get access to all modules immediately?
Yes, you get immediate access to everything. Like you, I loathe drip-fed courses.
How long do I have access to the course?
Today's purchase gives you unrestricted access for one year. If you choose to renew your subscription you continue access to this course as well as my real-time timeline of events and Fat Stacks Forum.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
If you don't like the course, just contact me and request a refund within 30 days of purchase. I'll issue you a refund with no questions asked.
Does this course teach link building?
No, it's restricted to on-site SEO. In fact, I don't do any link building. I focus my SEO efforts to on-site and attract links that way.
Is the course made up of videos?
No. This course is best taught in text with quite a few illustrative screenshots. In fact, I include screenshots of the technical set up aspects so you can exactly what I do with my sites for setting up my sites for on-site SEO success.
Do I guarantee results?
Sorry, I can't do that. This course merely shows you what I do for on-site SEO. There are so many variables involved with SEO that I can't guarantee that your site will enjoy the same success as mine.

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