=> Are you tired of spending way too much money on mediocre inbound links that put your site at risk?

=> Does link building bore you to tears - mountains of work with very little results?

=> Do you prefer creating and publishing epic content and to leave the tedious job of link building behind?

If you answered "Yes" to any or all these questions, read on.

Discover how I've attracted 6,000+ inbound links on auto pilot from real sites with loads of traffic to my niche sites NATURALLY and continue doing so to the tune of dozens per day.

Here's some inbound link data for three of my niche sites:

Here's an example email from another publisher ASKING to link to my site:

"I just came across your website because... Of course, I would link it down in the description box to your site and name the source. 

What do you think?"

Of course I said "yes".

FYI, most just link without asking.

The point is I've stumbled on various types of content that other website publishers want to link to. Now that's cool.

In bound links chart to a niche site

**NOTE: The annual renewal price is ONLY $20. One month before renewal I will email you a coupon to renew for ONLY $20**


This course reveals how to attract real links from real sites on autopilot... no tedious outreach or guest posting or paying for links!

This is white hat SEO that costs me nothing and that Google rewards with rankings and traffic (over 1 million monthly visitors across my niche sites).

This DEEP-DIVE concentrated course reveals all 9 methods I use across my niche sites that not only makes for better content on my sites but attracts inbound links naturally.

This concentrated course includes examples so you get an exact idea of how you can apply these autopilot link building methods to your niche sites.

Who am I and what do I do?

I'm Jon Dykstra, creator of this course "The Natural Link Building Formula".

I'm a full time niche site publisher and blogger. My niche sites haul in over 1 million monthly visitors from Google search.

I built that traffic not by building lousy links but by focusing on publishing awesome traffic AND discovering that some types of content tended to attract links on autopilot in droves.

When I discovered what types of content attract links from other sites, I just published more of that and continue to do so continually ranking for more and more keywords in Google search.

This course reveals all the many types of content and articles that just happen to attract links from other sites - just because other sites like sharing it with their readers.

Yes, the methods taught in this course work for other people.


Good morning!

Yesterday I hit 1,500 visitors for the day on my site for the first time!

=> July 15, 2019 1st time over 200 SEO visitors

=> Nov 11, 2019 1st time over 300 SEO visitors

=> Dec 23, 2019 1st time over 400 SEO visitors

=> Dec 31, 2019 1st time over 500 SEO visitors

=> Jan 19, 2020 1st time over 600 SEO visitors

=> Feb16, 2020 1st time over 700 SEO visitors

=> March 21, 2020 1st time over 800 SEO visitors

=> March 23, 2020 1st time over 900 SEO visitors

=> March 29, 2020 1st time over 1200 SEO visitors

=> April 18, 2020 1st time over 1500 SEO visitors

- Heather

It gave me new insights and ignited my creative juices.

Doing so I used X (revealed in the course) to create an info graphic modelling your ideas.

My site received 32 backlinks. One from ehow and 6 of them dofollows on domains with over 85 DA.

-M. Ramos

Unless you like sending out thousands of emails and pimping yourself out to others and being a huge pain to others in the process then link building is a horrible part of online success.

The beauty of Jon's course on natural linkbuilding is that it explores ways that you can build links effectively without all that emailing nightmare.

You can find lots of different ways to seamlesly integrate content that helps the point of your post whilste ncouraging others to link.

As an alternative to the other methods taught which are more brute force and which I and others find rather unpleasant in ethos, Jon's course provides a lot better solutions.

-I. Rance


When you get this course you also get:

Forum access: purchase includes full access to the popular Fatstacks forum; AND

Timeline of events: Access to my timeline of events, changes and experiments. This is my personal in-house real-time listing of changes, experiments and tests I run for my niche sites so you can see what I'm doing when I'm doing it.


What is the refund policy?

I offer a no-questions-asked refund policy within 30 days from purchase. Just email me.

Can I cancel the yearly subscription any time?

Yes. You can cancel any time. You will receive a notification before the renewal at which time you can cancel or renew?

Why is it an annual subscription?

Each year I spend time updating this course. In fact, I like updating my courses as I discover new tricks of the trade, but doing so takes quite a bit of time so the annual subscription compensates for that. Also, I'm very active in the Fat Stacks forum.

**NOTE: The annual renewal price is ONLY $20. One month before renewal I will email you a coupon to renew for ONLY $20**