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Join a fast-growing community of aspiring and highly successful bloggers and niche site publishers.

With 2,300+ users and growing fast, the Fat Stacks forum is a leading community in the niche website industry where you can and will learn all things related to launching and growing successful blogs or niche sites.

Here's a graph showing the rapid growth:

I'm active daily (Mon to Fri) along with many other members. You are under no obligation to contribute; you are welcome to read and learn only.

Format: Yes, it's a forum format; not a Facebook Group. You can search old topics, receive notifications, comb through threads - all the great features and functions forums offer. I should also say it works flawlessly on mobile devices as well (stay in the loop wherever you go).

Yes, it's active... very active. I participate daily.

Here's a snapshot of topics, number of responses, views, etc. for a few recent threads:

Dedicated to content sites

This isn't an "all things internet" forum. Instead, it's focused on those of us building blogs and content sites. That said, within the realm of building content sites, we discuss the following:

  • SEO
  • Content
  • Social Media
  • Monetization
  • Website tech (hosting, themes, plugins, etc.)
  • Buying and selling content sites
  • Email marketing
  • Outsourcing

That's not to say threads about e-commerce or software development or the like will be deleted; they won't. It just so happens the Fat Stacks forum attracts members who are building content sites (which is what I do).

Get in with a great group of like-minded folks for far less than a cup of coffee per day.

Don't just take my word for it. Read what other members have to say.


"I did join the forum. Please do NOT change a thing! I’m a member of two other subscription forums, and yours is hands-down the best. They each have incredibly valuable information, but yours feels like a group of friends chatting about business. It’s not only extremely insightful, the “softer” aspects of motivation and support are immense; you can’t put a price on. Absolutely the best."

- Richard P.

"Yes! I was a member of Chris Lee's trial blogger forum he started a year ago. And I was disappointed to see it go. So I was ecstatic to see you create one. I lurk in the forum every day and find it worth just as much as the courses themselves. Its extremely useful."

- Don G.

"I found it helpful in that the quality of people in there is good, versus the types I run across say in most free Facebook groups.

That is, the responses to questions have been pretty high quality & based on people's real experience as opposed to the conjecture & repeated (often wrong) info put out there in other venues.

Also I appreciate that you participate in it as well as many top-level people rarely comment in their own groups."

- Marty M.

"I went in and browsed the topics, there were lots of content, I loved the different revenue reports other members were posting and linking to, those really help me a lot when starting a new blog from 0 , they help me keep my budget in line and learned which tools and services they are currently using."

- Dennis H.

"It's an awesome forum. I've only been lurking so far but intend to jump into the conversations. Thank's for doing a forum instead of a FB group."

- Rob M.

*Please note that testimonials were provided via course feedback forms where submissions were entered into a draw.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I charge money for access to the forum?
I charge money because it enhances the quality of the forum. With 610 members and growing, I've yet to moderate a thread. It's spam-free and we all want to keep it that way. Moreover, I pay for software and hosting so charging a modest fee helps defer that cost.
How long do I have access to the forum?
The price you see is for one year access. Your renewal fee is the same each year. There is no obligation to renew. Cancel any time.
What if I am unhappy with the forum?
How's this for an answer - I'll give you a full refund upon written request within 30 days of purchase. No questions asked. Even if you read every thread but still want a refund it's yours for the asking.
Do I have to contribute?
Not at all. You are welcome to read and only read. Only contribute if you feel up to it. However, I've yet to punt anyone for rudeness (and I will do so if anyone gets out of line). I don't tolerate insults or snarky behavior so don't worry about somebody giving you a hard time. IMO, forums should be fun and helpful - not a place where you run the risk of getting insulted.

Your Instructor

Jon Dykstra
Jon Dykstra

I've been publishing profitable niche sites full time for several years. My blogs and niche sites attract over 1 million monthly visitors.

My ultimate aim with any niche site is to get them to passively earn income by growing them and training a small team to take them over.

I have insights into many facets of this business because of my fleet of websites in different niches.

I actually do this this stuff for a living.

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